Don't Hate The Game - Lil Bubble's first NFT EP with gameboy-style animations

Don’t Hate The Game – NFT EP

A 5 track concept EP – all music, art and animation by Lil Bubble.

Each song is available as a single edition 1-of-1 ERC-1155 collectible with a unique video game animation.

Lil Bubble Parody Pix - little pixel characters from each Lil Bubble music video

Lil Bubble Parody Pix

Animated pixel representations of Lil Bubble’s crypto parodies. One for each song, running it back from the beginning 🚀

Hand drawn digital artworks by Lil Bubble

Lil Bubble Collectibles

The first ever collection of Lil Bubble NFTS. This collection is a home for Lil Bubble’s experiments and is added to over time. Hand-drawn 1-of-1’s, song cards, and other fun bits and pieces.