Lil Bubble memories - polaroids from music videos and performances


Lil Bubble is a Web3 native musician & degenerate moon boy. The satirical character was born in 2019 with the release of crypto-themed parody songs like All Time Lows, When Moon, Liquidated and Never Ever (Selling Back To Tether).

The singing spaceman’s music videos have since amassed over 10 million views and led to performances at Blockshow Asia, Binance Blockchain Week Paris, NFTFest Australia and a number of other industry collaborations.

With a debut album on the way and plans to build a whole swag of experiences in the metaverse, the Lil Bubble character is set for expansion into the realm of possibilities we call Web3. Are you coming along for the ride?

Lil Bubble merch - Ponzi People
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Bubs just dropped his own custom merch line.

Breathing style into degeneracy with custom-made swag. Tees, jackets and snapbacks.

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Breaking news!
Lil Bubble - Airdrop

New album!

Now streaming everywhere.

Finally! Lil Bub’s debut album D-GEN is streaming worldwide.

All music, art & production by Lil Bubble.

Lil Bubble performing in Singapore with Binance's Cz
Lil Bubble in spacesuit and horse costume on stage in Singapore
Lil Bubble performing in front of the Eiffel Tower
Lil Bubble performanon stage at Binance Blockchain Week